February 3, 2015

Location: Los Hermanos

Moderator: Marina Ross and Pia Coronel


Please allow 30 seconds for the audio to load

  •  What parameters do you put on your practice?
  •  Is meaning the same as voice?

Marina Ross and Pia Coronel co-moderate the discussion and start out by describing the relationships between intention, concept and meaning in order to diffuse the confusion between them and speak in more specificity. They began by asking what kinds of parameters each artist puts on their practice to establish continuity. G. Romero explained that his process always begins with an idea related to story-telling and that the materials that the process takes are irrelevant. Meg Franklin, on the other hand, begins with the material of paint and allows for discovery through that process. Maria Dimanshtein discusses how wide her parameters are by describing a piece she made that was in the snow and later existed in photographs only because of it’s impermanence. She said that it felt right to make it there even though the piece itself cannot be archival or displayed in a gallery. Pia asks about the relationship between ‘meaning’ and ‘style’ and if the two are the same. Sam Nigro explains how ‘style’ may be a branded term that is useful for a marketplace but not necessarily for an artist. Nikolina Kovalenko speaks about not always having an intention with her work in order for her audience to bring their point of view to it. Sam Nigro responds to this by saying that there is a responsibility that artists must have when making work and must be the authority of that work.