When we think of play, we may think of children playing in order to understand the world around them and to think through the materials they are experiencing. Similarly, artists play with new materials and processes to expand their knowledge of their studio practice. Play may start as a spontaneous and frivolous activity and evolve into a focused investigation. The concept of play emphasizes the importance of a thought process that does not have a specific end. It is an act that revels in pleasure, joy, intuition, and negates the idea that every
action must be done with a specific goal in mind.

June 28, 2016
Location:Sunset Park apartment
Moderator:Kimo Nelson

Katie Bell
Lauren Comito
Hilary Doyle
Stefan Gunn
Caleb Nussear
Ben Pederson
Amanda Tiller



September 6, 2016
Location: Boreum Hill brownstone
Moderator:Isa Freeling

Lowell Boyers
Shelley Hirsch
Judy Kamilar
Peg Simone
Dareece Walker
Ajene Washington


September 13, 2016
Location:Pratt Institute
Moderator: Lauren Dana Smith

Seth Caplan
Constance Cooper
Amy Mahnick
Gabriela Ortiz
Lindsay Smilow