To balance the sometimes spontaneous nature of an art practice, structure in certain forms is necessary to create a framework under which to work. From the physical studio/daily routines to organizing thought patterns, structure helps to implement a plan of action. Daily structures such as sleeping, eating and exercising patterns can help to inform an art practice as much as reading theory in relation to the ideas of the work. Structures are also evident in certain art traditions of materials or ways of working, such as an oil on canvas painting tradition. While structure may exist in material conventions for some makers, others may rely on conceptual structures which allow ideas to dictate materials. Those makers must rely on organizing the thoughts of their practice into a coherent system to work from.

March 9, 2017
Location: Lizbeth Mitty's studio
Moderator: Melissa Staiger

Meredith Hoffheins
Lizbeth Mitty
Scott Robinson
Anne Russinof
Beatrice Wolert